BehPack Saz Ltd. Founded in 1999 , started its journey focusing on designing and manufacturing shrink wrapping machines exclusively. The first fully automatic wrapping machine in Iran was released by our company named BehPack , the trading name that has become number one brand in the Middle East. through years, we have worked hard to upgrade our primary models from 10 PPM up to 70 PPM with the modern Overlap and printed film technology. So far up to 300 machines are installed and being operated in Iran, and our nearby countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan and Turkmenistan. We are aiming to provide our customers with Competitive, Diverse and Authentic solutions that bring advantage and proficiency. Machines that are uniquely designed according to our customers demands and based on the latest technologies and standards of EU. Thanks to the High product quality, expert management and excellent aftersales services, Behpack has been honored to achieve multiple international prizes and was also mentioned in the German magazine “Festo costumer magazine”. Now, in the light of experience gained over the years, BehPack’s number one priority is to grow further and discover new international markets.


we always ready for answer to your powerful questions.

we always ready for answer to your powerful questions. lorem ipsum dolor

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